Emilia Bergmark

    Still Life
    (Can’t live with you, 
can’t live without you)*,
2017 Romantic Club I (Octupus in Love), Galleri C4, Copenhagen, DK, 2017

Floral arrangment consisting of; Striped Carnation, Orange Ranunculus, Red Scabiosa, Orange Dahlia, Pink Tulip, White Tulip, White Rose, Pink garden rose, Symbosium Orchid, Orange Tulip, Thistle, Red Hydrangea, Black Cosmos, Dill. Motor, vase, plint. The flower arrangement was made by florist Rebecca Nørrgaard.
* The language of flowers is a means of cryptological communication through arrangement of flowers. It was popularly used in Victorian England to express feelings that could not be spoken aloud. Bouquets or single flowers were sent as coded messages to express friendship, disappointment, passion, heart-break or anger. The receiver illiterate in floriography could decipher the message assisted by a dictionary of flowers. Using Henry Phillips’ dictionary Floral Emblems (1852) the bouquet on display here combines flowers to spell out the message Can’t live with you, can’t live without you.