Emilia Bergmark

    Potato the Great, 2020
    Potato the Greatest, 2020
Sculpture edition and 3D animated video, 6 min. Produced for Sacred Thing, UK, 2020. Exhibitied in ’Working Potatoes’, HKM, Hoorn, NL, 2020. ‘Potato The Great’ is a sculpture edition by Emilia Bergmark for Sacred Thing, an online gallery and platform for limited edition sculpture. 25 jesmonite casts of the potato that came second in the 2019 Harrogate Giant Vegetable Competition. Each cast has been hand-painted by the artist with a unique abstract motif.

The edition can be purchased via the website of  Sacred Thing www.sacredthing.art
The first of these casts was 3D-scanned and animated to create a film, entitled ‘Potato The Greatest’. In this film, our potato-protagonist tells us the tale of his genesis and his close brush with glory at the Harrogate Giant Vegetable Competition. He goes on to deliver a brief but aggrandized history of the potato in an attempt to dispel the potato’s reputation as a lowly “working class vegetable” and to re-align it as a vegetable of illustrious lineage, hence why he has now been immortalised as a contemporary sculpture. You can watch the video HERE

For the exhibition curator Barnie Page wrote a beautiful text about my work, and potatoes. It can be downloaded  HERE