Emilia Bergmark

    Narrative Container (Tulipomania)
, 2021

’Flowers in Art’ Arken Museum of Modern Art, DK, 2021
A ceramic vase in marbled ceramics decorated with engobe and engraved motifs. In the vase is a series of nineteen sequential bouquets of fresh flowers, one for each week of the exhibition. Each bouquet spells out a sentence in the language of flowers. 

In the exhibition ’Flowers in Art’ at Arken, 4 September – 9 January 2022 an arrangement of living flowers adorns a vase. On the vase we see a series of engraved images. The pictures on the vase narrates the seventeenth-century tulip crisis,
generally regarded as history’s first financial bubble. The flowers in the vase tell their own story about the crisis through the flower language of the nineteenth century.
Here, each flower were ascribed a specific meaning and bouquets were used to transmit emotional messages that were too inappropriate to say aloud. Using this cryptological language known as the language of flowers, the artist has translated a text of nineteen sentences, into nineteen bouquets that replace one another, one for each week of the exhibition. The text of nineteen lines will slowly unfold during the course of the exhibition, into a story about the flower industry, consumer culture and the commodification of nature.