Emilia Bergmark

    Man and Woman live in a house on a lawn in a town,
Hem, Malmö Konstmuseum, 2022
ALT_CPH, Fabrikken for kunst og design, 2018

Video installtion, dimensions variable. The video, set in the computer game The Sims, captures the daily struggles of  a couple trying to find meaning in a life driven by consumtion. In a deadpan manner the story of Man and Woman reveals the neo-capitalist algoritm that limits the lives of the virtual protagonists.

One day Man and Woman have an argument. They try to reconcile by purchasing something together, the second artwork for their family collection. Browsing the catalogue of their art dealer they settle on a painting with the title ‘Snails With Icicles in Nose’. The catalogue caption of the work reads: ‘Tempera, gouache, egg, oil, pastel and gun powder on linen. Known for depriving himself of sleep for days to induce hallucinations to creep through his head and on the walls of his studio, artist Beau Mann has produced abstract formations of brightly coloured shapes and fantastic creatures. This work turns even the most mundane of living quarters into a modern art gallery'. Persuaded by the description Man and Woman buy the work un-viewed, but when the painting arrives and is installed on the kitchen wall they are not convinced.’                                                                                                                                                  *Excerpt from the script of 'Man and Woman live in a house on a lawn in a town'